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Harcourts Beverly Hills

“You are what you continuously do. Excellence is not an event – it is a habit.”

Evan Harney & Alex Duk

Harcourts Beverly Hills

Alex and Evan bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Harcourts group. Both hold Masters Degrees in Business Administration and together share a combined 20 years of experience as sales consultants, investors, and finance professionals. In addition to their knowledge and experience in the industry, Alex and Evan both share a passion for relationships, helping their clients, and providing exceptional service.

Alex and Evan understand the importance of longlasting relationships grounded in trust and respect, and practice developing these relationships with the people they encounter on a daily basis. As a result of their consistent commitment to developing and maintaining relationships based on the highest level of ethics, Evan and Alex have seen their real estate careers soar. Harcourts’ fundamental values:

People First, Doing the Right Thing, Being Courageous, and Fun and Laughter reflect the exact values they live by, ultimately making their decision to join Harcourts easier. Alex and Evan firmly believe in the importance these values hold.

Whether it’s working with first time home buyers or seasoned real estate professionals, Alex and Evan strongly believe in the power of attention to detail, roll up the sleeves attitude and aptitude and most importantly a passion for servicing their clients goals and aspirations to the highest level of ethics.